Saturday, December 10, 2005

I got a Need for Speed?

Was playing Need For Speed : Most Wanted these few days.

I must say, was really cool, esp those police chases. I mean, which game gives your car god-mode and lets you crash police cars at whim?

At one time I had like 30+ police cars behind me lol. But got busted by a damn spike strip.

Meet my Lamborgini Gallardo,

Image hosted by
Ferrari wha?

Meet my trusty race car, Porsche Cayman S,

Image hosted by

ehhh? Why the Cayman look so different from the Gallardo? Well, cuz the Cayman was from a rival duh! LOL.

Well you see, when you beat rivals in this game, you have a chance of winning their car. Cool huh?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Numa numa yey!

I cant believe im actually listening to

Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei.

I guess i really like the Mtv with aeorplanes after all.

Thursday, December 01, 2005



Yes, so its me, back into the blogging business again.

Well, you see, boredom can drive people do to stuff they never ever expect they would do.


Getting a high score in one of the most boring games ever.
Image Hosted by Park Your Pic
I am really glad I got a time just one second past 100. Really.


Getting a high score in a noisier game.
Image Hosted by Park Your Pic
Wack those flippers! No! Not that below your belly! Flippers z and /!


Getting a high score in any other game at Miniclip

Image Hosted by Park Your Pic
The Next Best Search Engine after Google. Just that it searches for a different thing alltogether.

You dont expect me to sit for hours playing the same flash game right?

and lo` and behold! Boredom made me do something I never thought I would do again.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Friends.. Hmm.

Well, yesterday Channel 8 just screened finished the last episode of a J-drama called Searchin' For my Polestar, or Tentai Kansoku in jap.

I'm not a really avid fan of J-dramas like Aunties to Bae Yong Jun but I do I gotta admit that some of the dramas are kinda nice. Just that the one yesterday.

Image hosted by
Cast of Tentai Kanzoku

Ok, so why do I find this drama that nice? Well, because I felt that it kinda resembles the kinda stuff most of us (Sec 4s ) are going through now.

Storyline's really good. So there was these 7 friends who met at University and pledged eternal friendship but after a few years, each of the character's personal story one way or another causes them to like drift apart.

Kudos to the scriptwriters who actually could tie in 7 different stories and make them into one. I admit, the story's that good that i actually kinda teared during the last episode.

This story's kinda meaningful. Why?

Well, after the O levels, each of everyone of us will be embarking on a new journey, be in to JC, or Polytechnics, or Macdonalds. Then, after JC, many of us will either go to local universities or overseas universities. Soon, each and every of us will have our own personal commitments. New friends, jobs etc.

Will we still stay as close as we were in Secondary school? Or will we drift apart because of our new lives?


Anyways, on an end note, meet my new GF.
Image hosted by
Kyoko Hasegawa



Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ramblings about OTAKUS.

Johnny Sasaki's Otaku for Dummies.
OTAKU: A person who likes Japanese Anime.

OTAKU²: A person who likes Japanese Anime and goes cosplaying annually as their favourite character.
Note. This aint that bad yet.

OTAKU³: A person who likes Japanese Anime and goes cosplaying annually as their favourite character AND SETS UP 'ORGANISATIONS' AND PLAYING OUT THAT ROLE IN THE EVERYDAY LIFE.


Why do i say this? As was damn laotikoish bored, I flipped through some Friendster profiles and to my disgust I actually saw like 2 or 3 OTAKU³s in like 5 profiles. This IS a cause for concern.

We ARE looking at grown up men, many whom never had sex, watching cartoons and even taking on the character's persona.

Its just not right. Seriously. Its no different from the guy from with his act of Sepukku by:
1: Fold your frisbee into half
2: Put it into your mouth
3: Release your hold.
4: Enjoy

Those OTAKU³'s brains are THAT empty that it forms a black hole and I'll prolly be sucked into its vortex when I stand near them. Household chores anyone? ( Now i know why he's in ITE )

Acting out imaginary characters is what little innocent kids do.
Acting out imaginary characters to its finest bits is what vortexed Adults do.

Watching animes as it should be meant to be "WATCHING ANIMES" is normal
Watching animes and having a fetish for it like mice to cheese is not.


I admit. I do watch Metal Gear Solid trailers over and over again, and try to learn Close Quarter Combat from it so as to save a damsel in distress soon and make her my girlfriend for defensive purposes.

Just like how i sneaked up on Dustin the other day, but i got pwned the other way around.

I dont go around making up a FOXHOUND organisation or calling my friends Solid Snake, Liquid Snake or Raiden.

Theres a reason why games have Image hosted by kind of ratings.

They should implement it for Anime's and cartoons to cater to Immature Audiences. Like erm giving them a Mensa test? In case brainless OTAKU³ starts humiliating himself and his friends on the WWW.


I hope these people would watch a powerpuff girl's movie, get SOOOO excited about it,
( Which is braggable. )
and start to fly out of their home window to their deaths.( With the gays too i hope ) This would make the general intelligence of Singapore rise sky high.

Friday, September 30, 2005


CONGRATULATIONS! You found your way here! Heres your present!

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